Zen And Twitter

This morning the first article across my screen was from Mashable about Zen and the Art of Twitter.

It is an excellent article with excellent points however the following excerpt is what stands out the most for me.

This is probably because it is also congruent with the law of attraction which I have been a big believer and disciple of for nearly 30 years (I started using the law of attraction when I was 12 and started running marathons.)

This excerpt not only sums up how we should behave on twitter to make the entire experience more meaningful for ourselves but also for our followers.

From a Zen perspective, it is important to give what we wish to receive. Want to find more customers for your business on Twitter or Facebook? Help others find customers for their business. Feel like you deserve more praise online? Praise others more. Want more people responding to your tweets? Respond to their tweets more. Tired of reading meaningless tweets? Make the effort to post meaningful ones yourself.

The entire article can be read here….http://mashable.com/2010/01/12/zen-social-media/