Transform your blog visitors into cash… like magic!

If you have a blog and don’t get enough visitors, rest assured, you’re not alone.

If you don’t know how to turn your visitors into real money, the following tips will do wonders for your blog; the key is to implement what you’re going to read next.

First of all, pro bloggers focus on just one thing – building their subscriber list (Don’t be shocked, it’s true).

If you have the interest to visit any of the major bloggers in your niche, you’ll notice that most of them are offering RSS and/or e-mail subscriptions. (I told you so :) )

Now you are probably wondering why. It’s because they’re smart enough to recognize the profit potential and when you enable RSS/e-mail subscriptions on your blog you’re actually hitting two rabbits with one stone:

1. You’re providing your visitors with free blog updates straight to their inbox (this saves them time) – they won’t have to check your blog, the content is delivered in their mailbox

2. You have the opportunity to keep in touch with your readers and make them offers and special promotions, which in turn increases your blog income.

(There are some bloggers making the bulk of their income via list building; so wouldn’t you like to follow in their footsteps and turn your visitors into subscribers?)

Now there’s no way around it, If you really want to extract cash fro your visitors, you need to capture their email address and follow-up with content on a regular basis.

Believe it or not, most of your visitors will not bookmark or visit your blog a second time. So instead of losing them forever, you can do them a favor and offer free RSS/e-mail subscription.

You do need to personally test what I’ve shared with you today however because depending on your niche people may prefer one method over another, For example, some bloggers use just RSS on their blogs, while others have enabled auto-responder email subscriptions only.

A small minority are using both options.

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