We hope you have enjoyed the book and are looking forward to taking things to another level but before you do please have a quick look at the video below.


Did you notice that when the little boy fell he got up, dusted off his hands and started back towards the obstacle course.

Frankly, I’m a little bit concerned, you see most of us, as adults have forgotten how to pick ourselves up and get back into the game.

I also want to share a statistic with you that had me raising my eyebrows … it’s alarming if you don’t know how to turn it into an advantage (a distinct advantage, actually – I’ll show you in a moment).

FACT: Did you know that over 89% of the business books that people purchase and download go completely unread?

Of those remaining 11%, only 1% of those who read the book will actually implement any of the ideas they find in the book – even if they are well aware that doing so will cause immediate and drastic improvements in their lives.

And of that remaining 1% who attempt to use the ideas, an even smaller percentage will use the ideas correctly.

So, that means that the average guy has a less than 1% chance of benefiting from any book he downloads or buys.

We Don’t Want That To Happen To You

We want you to succeed, in fact we want you to become a huge success and this is why we had Charles give his book away for free.

You see Charles normally charges $1000 an hour for working with people or $7500 per day if you get him to give a presentation at your business or event.

We understand that for most people this is beyond their reach and so we asked Charles to create a course that everybody could use so that they could succeed at a massive level and Charles came back to us with Mega Blast – 90 Days to Smash It, which is a course delivered to your email over …you guessed it…90 days.

Mega Blast
90 Days To Smash It

Wow. A 90 day course where Charles gives you the tools you need to go out there and not just Crush it but Smash it.

Charles knows all about getting people to perform better and therefor go on and succeed. He has been teaching people this for years and as you saw from the testimonials some of the worlds biggest companies just gush about Charles and how he has helped them to increase there performance and smash all the barriers in their way.

Unfortunately this course won’t be for everyone, for a start, as with all of Charles’s products this course is amazing material and it is not cheap. This course is available on Charles’s site for $1995 (you won’t pay anything close to that today) however the value you get from this course is amazing, imagine what you will achieve when you have the tools that Charles will give you over the next 90 days.

Now Before You Run And Hide

We convinced Charles that he should give his exceptional book away for free and we have also asked him if he could do something special for everybody who opted into this offer.

Charles has once again come to the party but in a way that has totally amazed us. Not only is Charles providing this one time only discounted price for the Mind Blast – 90 Days To Smash It course but Charles is also going to sweeten the pot.

What’s In It For Me

We hear you and so this is what you are going to get along with Charles new 90 day course.

Before we look at the great offer you are going to get though let’s hear what Charles himself has to say about Self Improvement and what you can expect from this amazing course  “Mega Blast – 90 Days To Smash It”.

Do you want to succeed but you don’t know what to do?

Are you sick of hearing all the “generic example” of what to do and wish someone would just tell you do this this and this and you will be successful?

Have there been moments when you haven’t known which way to turn?

Everyone has the power to change his or her life and habits to bring about permanent change. Let me show you how you can build on your expectations with hope, positive anticipation, courage and confidence,

I will provide you surprising insight and the tools to get behind these ideas, reflect on them and carry them out.

You will be excited about how the role your belief system plays in your life. I will show you how to achieve absolutely anything you programme your mind to accomplish, which in turn will help you create a powerful BELIEF system and result in a new and DYNAMIC you.

I will give you the  extra ‘POW’ and you’ll launch your new mindset on your environment with enthusiasm and energy.

This 90 day course is structured to help you develop new life skills, new thinking and encourages you to take the necessary ACTION which is the part that most course miss. Delivered to your email inbox each and every day it is like having Charles there with you, poking prodding and making sure you become the success you always wanted to be.

You CAN master how to prepare yourself for challenging eventualities with a winning philosophy and dramatically increase your ability to cope well and stay in control through powerful psychological strengths and mental posture.

From now on you will have a true sense of purpose and direction facing difficulties, major challenges, worries and problems

Yes you can do it and I can show you how.!

Stop worrying how you’ll do it and let me show you how.

“All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve
is the direct result of his own thoughts.” – James Allen

THOUGHT – Although it isn’t the power of your thoughts alone that determine how things unfold, your thoughts together with the power of your FEELINGS and ACTION is what makes the difference, which is what you will learn from this programme.

Understanding how to adequately handle your emotions, your emotional intelligence, is an absolutely critical aspect of coping skills.

You will learn how to implement more systematic thinking strategies.

Let me show you how to stop the old life in you that you still feed, and how to stop the old thoughts from controlling you. Give yourself a chance to move out. Take that moment to get out of your stuck place, to have a solution and recognise your opportunities

By the end of this dynamic programme you will quickly learn how to put a value on yourself, because that is what the world will pay you, no more. What value would you like to put on your self? Three times your present income? Ten times? Let me help you formulate the answer.

Learn about how you possess a special and unique soul or inner spirit which drives you, controls you and guides you together with the most powerful facet of your brain’s ability to help you achieve anything you want to achieve in life with no limitations to it’s permutations.

Your brain has one billion brain cells, of which, yet only ten percent has been programmed – good or bad, with the limits put on it in your youth by parents or educators. Yet YOU CAN REPROGRAMME it to operate the way you want it to operate.

To be an achiever you need to know and recognize the enemies of achievement. You need to realize that poverty of the spirit is a greater problem than just being poor in money.

Another benefit if this programme is that you will learn that ‘Prospering Thoughts’ will bring you Prosperity.’ You must become a financial success in your thinking long before you achieve it in your reality and you will learn about this in the course.

Successful people have brainstorming or masterminding networks. This is a common trait among those who have achieved financial success. I will give you 10 key areas you will need, to develop a natural breeding ground for breakthrough ideas

Many people fail to achieve success or fulfillment because they fail to make decisions about their lives and instead allow things to happen. You need to decide to ‘make things happen’ then persist till you achieve your goal. Making a positive decision about enrolling in this programme will be the best decision of your life.

If you want to make things happen then let me show you how. You need to develop a determination that will not waiver in the face of adversity, a courage to see it through to it’s conclusion.

Thomas Edison wrote: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

This is your chance to make success a certainty by spending an hour with me each day.

Charles Donoghue

So as you can see, Charles doesn’t mess around with fluff, he gets straight to the point and this course is designed in such a way that you will receive the tools and support that you need to go from where you are today and Smash through any barrier that has been holding you back from the success that you want.

Charles Donoghue is no stranger to helping people achieve the impossible and do what needs to be done to achieve at the highest levels.

Here is what a few of Charles clients have said how Charles has helped them…


The feedback from staff and the ‘buzz’ you created with your Performance Psychology seminar is outstanding. Staff have been gushing over the training, thanking me and thirsting for more. What a great job.
I was on the lookout for a training partner who could reach our staff in areas run of the mill training companies can’t. I wanted someone with credibility and background to inspire, challenge our people. I know that we will do a much better job with you as part of our team.

Larry R. Smith, Managing Director


I had the pleasure of hearing Charles Donoghue who was our key note speaker. WOW – what inspiration. Not only did he win them over with his humour and charm but challenged them with his no fuss approach and educated them to harness the power of their mind.
If you want someone to challenge, entertain and most importantly inspire your team then Charles is the person for the job

John Wall, Director


Charles Donoghue is unlike any speaker I’ve ever seen. He would lift anyone’s spirits and keep their attention. He captivates his audience with his charisma and wisdom,
His presentation was thoroughly captivating with humour and magnetism, He engaged the audience at every level from entry to senior management. A must see, but mainly, a must hear.

Daniel Gill, Senior Associate

Charles literally has hundreds and hundreds of these testimonials after years and years of helping people achieve at a higher level.

Did you know that recently, scientific research has revealed on one hand that neurons will form new patterns and that it doesn’t even take that long to do so. This is great news. especially if you have a great mentor like Charles Donoghue.

What is called “Neuroplasticity” essentially means that the formerly assumed fixed neuronal pathways are now able to adjust and re-wire according to experience. This means, what you have learned or believed, you can unlearn and exchange with other beliefs.

One of the secrets that most of the courses don’t tell you about is that Action is a key component to success and even if the course does tell that Action is the key to success the course doesn’t tell you what Action.

What we help you to do is understand the link between the Thought process, to work on the Feelings process and then we give you the Actions to take each and every day for the next 90 days.

At the end of the 90 Days to Smash It course you will literally be a new person. Charles Donoghue will have transformed you into not only  the type of person who knows they can achieve anything they want to achieve but the kind of person who Knows what to do to achieve anything they want to achieve.

This is the major distinction between the 90 Days to Smash It course and other achievement courses.

Ok That’s Great but what’s it going to cost?

When you order Mega Blast – 90 Days To Smash It , you will not only get the fantastic Mega Blast course at an amazing one time only price but you will also receive a few other goodies thrown in to sweeten the pot.

Check out what you get with your order of Mega Blast – 90 Days To Smash It:

  • You receive Mega Blast- 90 Days to Smash IT
    Charles Donoghues brand new 90 Day course which will set you on the course to ultimate success.
    Normal Price $1995
    Commit yourself to this 12 Week Personal Development Programme which will give you individual growth and personal power.
    Normal Price $117
    This 40 minute exciting DVD which will encourage you, create impact on your future and assist you in very quickly overcoming negative feelings. Unleash the power of your mind!
    Normal Price
    This is a complete set 11 Sessions on 6 CD’s (delivered as MP3’s) that will give you essential life skills
    Normal Price

So Now The Deal

Add that lot up above and you have $2182 worth of Charles Donoghue’s courses and DVD’s which in itself is a bargain since a Day with Charles would cost you $7500.

As I mentioned though, Glenn and I have twisted Charles’s arm and he has agreed to provide this once and once only offer for a stunning



Are You Shocked? We are. We never thought Charles would put together such a package but as mentioned above this is a once only offer, there are no count down’s, no time limits, no restricted numbers or any of that kind of stuff.

Remember This Is A Once Only Offer.

You can still get Charles’s courses on our website however it will be at the normal price because this is a part of the release of Charles new book Mega Thinking and this fantastic new course which he is incredibly proud of and he wants as many people as possible to become successful.
So if you want over $2,000 worth of Charles’s course and DVD’s then you need to make a decision now.
(Did we mention that one of the secrets to being successful is being able to make decisions).

Not Sure? – Want Us To Make It Even Better?

Thanks again for grabbing the free book and we look forward to helping you succeed with the Charles Donoghue’s Mega Blast – 90 Days To Smash It program.

If you haven’t downloaded the book yet…get it here Kites Rise Against The Wind

All the Best

Terry , Glenn and Charles