Open Your Flow of Abundance and Prosperity by Giving Thanks

“The more we discover the magnitude and abundance of God’s gifts, the more we will find ourselves.” – Mother Theresa

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into” ~ Wayne Dyer

In a conversation with a dear friend and colleague, the subject of money and abundance came up. She has had a very prosperous year personally and in her business despite all the media reports of the economic climate. She’s a very savvy business woman and marketer as well as having highly attractive products and services that people clamor for which would explain why she was so successful, right? Was her marketing expertise and knowledge the most important keys to her success and abundance? Yes….and no.

First, I want to make a comment about abundance. In most dictionaries abundance is defined as, “A great or plentiful amount, an overflowing fullness, and an over-sufficiency and wealth. Often people equate abundance strictly in terms of money and they miss out in recognizing all the forms abundance can take in addition to money such as having an abundance of love, time, health, support from friends and colleagues, happy memories, knowledge, being willing to forgive…. Being prosperous means giving and receiving abundance with joyfull gratitude and humility for the gifts and blessings that flow to and from you.

Give what you most want to receive in your life for the joy of prospering another, NOT for the purpose of getting something in return. You cannot enjoy the riches of the universe unless you are willing to share them with others. This is the meaning of the Law of Abundance, or The Divine Law if Prosperity. The spirit of this law asks us to take an action in order to express thanks for the abundance that has already manifested in our life and for the greater good that is yet to come.

So, I asked her, “What else contributed to your having such a great financial and abundant year?” She said two things added to her success. The first was really listening to her inner guidance, inspiration, and instincts to make business and life decisions that aligned with her spirit. Cool. That’s what I believe is a key factor in having a prosperous life – listening to and following the calling of your heart.


She tithes consistently. I have always admired her generosity and loving heart.

My favorite book on tithing is written by my good friend Paula Langguth Ryan called Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing.

What exactly is a tithe?

On page 22, She says, “Tithing is about saying thank you which always begins with putting some gratitude in our attitude. Giving thanks is about tithing with our money, but also with our thoughts, words, actions, time, efforts, and possessions. She reminds us to give thanks by sharing a loving and gratefull heart with everyone and everything that comes into our life for the role they play even if that role is unwelcome.

She also says that, “Tithing proves us with a proven systematic way to multiply our good through a demonstration of our willingness to give back one-tenth of everything we’ve been given. We tithe as a show of gratitude for what we have already been given and as a symbol of our gratitude for and faith in the fact that greater good is coming to us. Tithing is a way of showing we are ready, willing, and able to embrace that increased abundance. The word tithe is based on the word tenth, which is believed to be a powerfull number of increase. When we joyfully and selflessly give thanks to God by sharing one tenth of the good we receive, we connect to the flow of abundance and our blessings are multiplied tenfold, even one hundredfold.

Paula emphasizes that, “You do not an obligation to tithe, you have an opportunity to tithe.”

Tithing is an act of faith rather than a duty or obligation. Tithing might be called a love offering, a free will gift or blessing that is shared willingly with another without any expectation of repayment. The size of the gift does not matter, the intention of the offering does.

Everything that is freely given with thanks will be multiplied and returned to you in expected and unexpected ways – The Divine Law of Prosperity

Are you hoarding your good?

Do you withhold sharing with others because you fear you won’t have enough?

Scarcity thinking and poverty consciousness will constantly block the flow of abundance, money, and opportunities coming into your life that the Universe desires to give you>

Prosperity and abundance isn’t just about having money. Imagine having more joy, more love, health and vitality, greater freedom, peace of mind, and time to be with the people and things you love.

Consistent practice with tithing will increase your inner wisdom, judgment, health, wealth, fulfillment in relationships, spiritual connection, and open your receptivity to receive what you truly need without fear or expectations.

Give with joyfull thanksgiving rather than annoyance, desperation, frustration, or in the hopes and expectation of getting something back. Give without strings attached as you would offer any gift from the heart.

Imagine what you can then share with others?

Who to tithe to?

Give freely and generously to those who spiritually feed you. Your local spiritual centers, leaders, teacher, mentors are great places to begin. Personally, I often tithe money to friends and colleagues who have been of service to me by offering me healing sessions, business advice and expertise. I also enjoy gifting to my local non-profit organization that feeds families in the area so they don’t go hungry. Tithe to whoever brings you spiritual inspiration, joy, help, and comfort. Be sure to write your tithe check first even if you cannot initially give a full 10%.

Do this for 30 days with joy and gratitude.

Open your heart, mind, and body to recognize all the gifts, blessings, and miracles of abundance that flows to you. Be on the lookout for the many forms abundance takes from the penny on the sidewalk, a smile from a stranger, a new client, a thank you email from a grateful client for friend, a new business opportunity… Track your blessings daily in a journal and remember to say “Thank you.” for EVERY love offering that comes to you and share freely when you feel guided to bless another.

What comes back might not initially be in the form of money. For example, you might receive ideas, resources, connections to others, that will improve your financial situation is the long term. Be open to receive the delightful ways the Universe responds to your desires, needs when you open your heart and checkbook in faith and gratitude.

Founder of Powerfull-Living, Rev. Dr. Lorraine Cohen is a spiritual life coach, broadcaster, published writer, and inspirational speaker who is recognized as a cutting-edge expert in her field. For over 20 years, Lorraine has inspired and supported thousands of spiritually-conscious business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, coaches, mentors, and authors to create a prosperous business, meaningful career and fulfilling life that aligns with their spirit. An expert in transforming fear and limiting beliefs that create barriers to success, she shows people how to get unstuck; to break through the confusion and roadblocks so they move forward in all areas of their life. Receive her free report ‘5 Secrets to Attracting Everything You Want!”

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