Need Success in Blogging? Be Hard Worker!

Blogging is no longer a mysterious word for people on the web these days.


Since 2004 we have got millions of blogs and bloggers. Now a days blogs and Social media websites are dominating internet world. We’ve got so many pro-bloggers in past few years reason behind this is curiosity.

Homo Sapiens (Scientific name of Humans) easily attract towards a stuff which is new and which gave success to others.

As I’ve mentioned above that we’ve millions of blogs but only thousands of bloggers are active and passionate about blogging.

Some bloggers complain about not getting interaction on their blogs and part of the reason they are so unsuccessful is that they are not willing to put in the hard work it takes to engage their readers.

They just got messed up between their responsibilities and blogging and lost it. At the same time we are also having some bloggers who have much passion of blogging so that they are ready to face any hurdle, ready to quit anything for blogging. And trust me these kind of guys definetly get the success and dominates the blogging world.

I’m not saying that those who are doing part time blogging are not getting success. It simply depends on their smartness, knowledge and word power. But on comparison with passionate and hard working bloggers they are little bit low.

Before proceeding further let me tell you one thing that don’t relate the success in blogging with money :

Never do blogging for money because it creates a bad impression among your community.

There are numerous benefits of blogging which takeover the money. Simply do hard work, money will not have any other choice instead of trailing you. Well from a long time I’m continuously saying that Do Hard work! Do Hard work!

You definetly have a question that what is hard work in terms of blogging? What should you do to have success in blogging? Points given below will answer these questions.

Improve your Search Engine Optimization knowledge

Search Engine Optimization a well know word for all bloggers plays a vital role in the blogging. As there are millions of blogs and websites on internet the competition among them is tough. The key point to get success in this field is SEO.

If you are well known with SEO strategies you will survive otherwise you will have lots of difficulties. So let me tell you most appropriate and useful SEO tips.

A hand holds key to success


Use Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions

Meta Keywords and Meta descriptions are the major part of SEO. Now What is Meta Keywords and Meta descriptions and what is their use?

Meta Keywords and Description are the useful tools to get good rank in Google Search result. Its all about Google Search algorithm.

To make you understand better let me tell you about Google search algorithm. Suppose you are searching for a keyword “tech blogging”.

To give you the best search result, first of all Google spiders(bots) will search the pages which have keywords “blogging”, after keywords they will check the descriptions. After that they consider various factors like page rank, on page optimization and lots more to rank your page in search result.

So I think you have came to know why Meta Keywords and descriptions are useful.

Remove Useless pages from Google Index

In initial update algorithms it was good to have many pages indexed in Google. But now Google wants Quality over quantity. That’s why Google has introduced Panda Update.

Panda Update is a domain level penalty update which means that your single low quality content can degrade your whole blog reputation. So I will recommend you if you have low quality or useless pages indexed in Google then remove them by Webmaster tools.

By the term “Useless pages” I mean that the pages like Disclaimer, Privacy Policies, subscriptions, page archives, category and tags author bio page and such kind of stuff.

Write Epic Content

Original and Quality content is the key of success.

Not only Google give reward for original content even your readers impressed with this act. If you copy the content from somewhere makes you part of plagiarism act.

And trust me getting involved in this act is a serious issue and can ruin your whole blog reputation.

Do Research before writing

Before blogging about any content make sure you have complete knowledge about that. Never do acts like rewriting because sometime if you missed any point in the article the whole article may have completely different meaning.

Initially I did the same. I was passionate about blogging but didn’t have enough energy to write long articles. So my articles were had meanings like out of the world.

Never write anything about which you don’t complete knowledge.

Suppose you are writing something with incomplete knowledge and your readers doing cross questions on that article then it may be a problem for you. It may ruin your blogging life.


So these were some basic tips on basic blog tips of hard working. These acts are part of hard working and trust me without this kind of hard work you are not going to survive in field of blogging.

If I have missed any point or if I’m wrong at any point let me know in comments.


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