Look For A STORM

This week it is Easter time and most of us think of rabbits and eggs, I however prefer to think of new beginnings.

I know most people see New Years Eve as the time to set new goals, start a new years resolution and generally get all amped up for the year.

I find that for most people though,  by …about now, they have stopped those New Years resolutions, the goals have been forgotten and all the hype has gone.

With that in mind, I have put together a number of questions for you to consider as we approach Easter and we remember that this is the time Christians believe Jesus was resurrected after being killed on the cross.

1. What specific results do you want to achieve this year?
2. What are the constraints that could prevent you from achieving those results?
3. What habits do you need to change to ensure better results?
4. What price are you willing to pay in order to achieve victory?
5. Are you actively pursuing what’s most important on a daily basis?
6. What is the biggest unsolved problem in your life that requires a solution?

You must live to answer and honor these questions, because when it comes to having a great year, every day and everything you do counts. Can you resurrect your Dreams this weekend?