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This URGENT Bulletin Reveals

  • How modern day Japanese business warriors are using “mental upgrades”to make their competition obsolete.
  • Self-defense techniques you MUST learn now to protect yourself from drive-by “mental downgrade” tactics (you are probably victim to at least three of them)
Mark Joyner

Mark Joyner

4 time #1 bestselling author, highly decorated former U.S. Army intelligence agent, and Internet business pioneer who …


Wrote what some call “the first ebook ever” that was downloaded over 1,000,000 times long before Amazon’s kindle was even invented.


Invented and pioneered many of the technologies and tactics that are in common use today (online ad tracking, Integration Marketing, ebooks, and more …)


Was the driving force behind many “top 100″ web properties – one launching to #36 out of billions within 6 weeks of its release.


How did he do all that?


Easy … He’s a member of what he calls the “______ Club.”
(read on …)

Learn the only 4 investments you will ever need to make.

There is a major shift happening in the world today.

Those who take the correct steps are going to profit wildly, while those who “wait for a miracle” are going to get what they always do.

This shift has nothing to do with the economy.

It has nothing to do with anything you’ve seen in any of the popular self-help films of the day.

It doesn’t even have anything to do with who’s “in charge” of the world.

This shift has everything to do with just one single word.

This one single word holds within it the key to just about everything you want.

A fat bank account stuffed full of money to spare?

This word is the key.

6 pack abs?

Again, this word is the key.

In fact, this word is the key to just about everything you could ever want.

The problem is, the secret of this word is so simple that after hearing it most will overlook it and just carry on with their lives – back to the grind of silent desperation in which most people are stuck.

So, I won’t tell you what this word is this second.

Bear with me.

Joe Vitale

“Mark is a genius.  Within one hour he turned on the lights in my brain about my marketing, my websites, and even my life’s direction.”


Dr. Joe Vitale

Author, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual

If you stick with me for a moment I’ll reveal it, because it would be irresponsible of me to do so without giving it the proper context.

So, read on …

Given that you’ve read this far I’m going to assume that you’re not 100% happy with your current situation in life.

You could probably use a bit more cash to lessen the stress of day to day living …

You might do a bit more of the things you need (and want) to do if only you had a bit more time and energy …

I’m also going to assume that you’ve already tried a bunch of “stuff” to change your life, but really not much of it has made truly profound difference (yet).

I’m going to invite you now to dive down the “rabbit hole” with me to explore why this is the case.

Maybe Self-Improvement Isn't the Answer...

John Assaraf

“Mark is a walking encyclopedia of practical, creative and usable here’s what works material.”


John Assaraf

New York Times Bestselling Author of The Street Kid’s Guide To Having It All,


Have you ever seen the film Fight Club?

If you haven’t I highly recommend it.  In it you’ll learn all sorts of fascinating stuff (like how they actually make soap), but more importantly you’ll learn quite a bit about yourself.

The main character exemplifies someone who is fed up with the modern world so begins to re-invent himself.

Unfortunately this process begins for him as one of self-destruction.

You may not be aware, but you may be going through such a phase this very moment and not even know it …

Do you find yourself slipping back into old destructive behavior patterns right after a “self improvement binge?”

You know what I’m talking about …

You get back from a seminar – or you buy a course – and right afterwards you’re really psyched up to turn things around, but then “it” happens.

What’s “it?”

Well, it’s different for everyone.

That subtle “trigger” takes you down from your temporary high and you’re back to square one.

If you could be in the “seminar environment” 24/7 forever the big sudden dose of “feel good” you get would stick.

Al Ries

“Mark Joyner has a unique gift for reducing complex ideas to the ultimate in simplicity


Al Ries

Author, Chairman, Ries & Ries,

But of course, that’s not how life is in reality.

In reality, after that seminar – or after that course – you go back to your world and your world isn’t quite ready for the “new you” yet.

In fact, some things in your “old world” are downright hostile to the new you.

This hostility manifests in jealous friends … outmoded thinking patterns … nasty habits …

So, how do you actually get these changes to stick?

It’s easier than you think …

In fact, “easy” might really be the only way.  Read on.

WARNING: Upgrading Your Brain Too Fast Has Unexpected Consequences
Frank Mullen

“Mark unlocked something in my mind that enabled me to develop a crystal-clear vision of how I want to live the rest of my life.”


Frank Mullen,

Author of Mutant Marketing, mutantmarketing.com

Do you have any competitors?

I bet you do.

Maybe there’s someone that always seems to be one step ahead of you in business.

Or maybe there’s someone who always swoops in on that person you want to meet.

Hey, maybe it’s just someone who always kicks your butt at your favorite game.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just give yourself a “mental upgrade” and then let them wonder why you suddenly started kicking their butt?

“Hey, Shouldn’t I Just Let Jealousy Go?”

First of all using the word “should” is like poison for the mind, but that’s another story …

I just want to point out that we “should” do a lot of things, but do we?  Telling people stuff like “oh, just let it go” is good well-intentioned advice, but does it work?

I think you know the answer.

Keep reading to find out what science tells us does work.

Gary Halbert

“I’m literally losing sleep studying and taking notes from the package you sent me. Do you have any clue how rare it is for me to say something like that to someone? It happens almost never.”


Gary Halbert

Author of The Boron Letters,

Stay with me now – this is where it starts to get good :-)

Is this idea of a “mental upgrade” just fantasy?


It can be done, but not in the way you think.

Yes, it would be great to just “upgrade the brain” in one fell swoop like snapping in a new computer chip – but the brain doesn’t work like that.

Here’s part of the trick:  humans require small gradual change.


Because unless we are faced with a major emotional “event” that brings about sudden change we are slaves to our habits.

And habits, once established, are extremely hard to change.

In fact, we are so resistant to change that we almost need to be tricked into excellence.

Jim Fleck

“Mark Joyner’s power lies in his ability to not only motivate you, but then to give you the specific ideas and steps to follow through on that inspiration.”


Jim Fleck

Author of My Kids First Million

What do I mean by that?

Well, the Japanese call it “Kaizen” – or “gradual improvement.”

So what?

Listen:  it sounds like a small idea, but it’s not.

It’s actually as important as oxygen if you want to make it in today’s competitive environment.

This isn’t a “maybe I’ll try that one some time” kind of idea.


The “ah ha” moment everyone gets when this idea finally clicks is just a few moments away, so keep reading …

How to Earn 'Compound Interest' on Your Life
Sterling Valentine

“He’s two steps ahead of one step ahead. If he’s selling it, I’m buying two of ’em.”


Sterling Valentine

Founder of JVFormula.com

See, these little changes, while seemingly insignificant – add up to something huge.

Look at it like “compound interest” for your whole life (not just your money).

Before I explain, let’s examine how compound interest works in the financial world.

It’s pretty simple, really.

You put money in an “interest bearing vehicle” (like a savings account) and as you earn interest on that money, the amount on which you earn interest gets bigger and bigger.

Over time, tiny amounts of money can become fortunes.

If you were to put just $10 a day in the bank at 0% interest, after a year, you’d have $3,650.

bart baggett

“I think Mark is a unique combination of psychologist, strategist, and visionary. He seems to have a knack for seeing patterns in business years before most other experts clue in.


Bart Baggett,

Author of Success Secrets of the

Rich and Happy


Now, add in compound interest and go 5 years out.  How much does that little $10 a day investment become?

At a 10% interest rate at the end of 5 years you’d have $24,511 saved up.

All from 10 bucks a day?

Yep, and it gets better.

At just 20 years that would be $229,959 … $145,739 of which would be interest!

Now, project yourself 20 years into the future.

The guy who puts that $10 a day into savings may not be able to retire in 20 years, but he’s sure far ahead of the guy who has put away nothing.

dearl miller

“Mark is THE greatest marketing mind of our generation. If you want to be successful, forget everything you know and listen to Mark Joyner.”


Dearl Miller

Editor, Trafficology


At 40 years that measly $10 a day has become $1,688,760.77.

$10 a day becomes a million dollars?

Yep, that’s the power of compound interest.

Maybe you don’t plan to be around in 40 years, but many of the people you love sure will be …

Anyway, that’s beside the point.  There are ways to speed up this process (some of which I’ll teach you if you let me guide you), but this isn’t what’s really important.

See, the example above doesn’t really matter except that it illustrates what happens when you allow the power of kaizen to work for you.

Kaizen is like compound interest on your life.

To illustrate this further …

Richard Webster

“Mark Joyner is the catalyst who inspires people to achieve more than they ever thought possible.”


Richard Webster

Author of Success Secrets:

Letters to Matthew (and 93 other books)


What if you also made such investments in:

Your Business

Your Self Esteem

Your Relationships

Your Health

At 5 years where would you be in those areas?

How about 10?

Now compare that to the guy who put nothing away at all …

What if instead of making only tiny investments in your life, you were able to quickly and easily make investments that were much more substantial?

Much more substantial – but required very little effort on your part.

Put another way: what if you could reap a $1,000 a day investment reward with only a $10 a day effort?

Read on …

The Only 4 Investments You Will Ever Need to Make

I’m probably going to annoy a few of the “experts” with these four investments, but so be it.  (I accepted a long time ago that trying to please everyone is the best way to ensure you are miserable, so I’ve resolved myself to just tell it like it is.)

Paul Myers

“Mark is one of the few people I know who can look right through the illusions to see what’s really going on.”


Paul Myers,

Editor of TalkBiz News


What I’m about to tell you may seem unimportant at first glance, but please hear this:

After years and years of trial and error …

After making just about every mistake possible …

After listening to bad advice and failing …

I will tell you that if you invest in only these four things religiously you pretty much cannot fail. Yes, there are many improvements you can make to your life in many areas . If you’ve read Simpleology you’ll know we talk about Time, Energy, and Money as the “3 sources of power.” All of that is still extremely important. What I’m about to tell you is something different.

This is about making investments in your life that render definite and measurable returns. It’s possible to focus your energy on investing in these four areas to the exclusion of others and reap outrageous rewards.

Think of it as a path to greatness for people who don’t have time to think.

By the time you’ve finished reading you’ll understand why I say this.

I’ll tell you what those four investments are in one second, but there’s one extremely important point you must understand first …

Habit - the Most Powerful Force in the Universe?
Ankesh Kothair

“Mark Joyner is to personal motivation and inspiration what Michael Jordan is to basketball.  A magical genius!”


Ankesh Kothari

Editor of BizTactics


Most powerful force in the universe?


Well, as far as I know, no human can know what the most powerful force in the universe is.

But what I will tell you is this:

In all of my years I have found no “force” on this planet that even comes close to being as powerful as habit.

Napoleon Hill called it “the cosmic habit force.”

Socrates went so far as to say that “excellence is not an act but a habit.”

In fact, that’s what Kaizen Club is all about:  habit.

Each week you master a new very simple habit.

Don’t worry – each of the habits are super easy – and extremely effective in getting their intended effect.

Remember the “$1,000 results with a $10 effort?”

We’ve identified some simple habits that render just that.  (some of them are shocking … why aren’t people doing this?)

You just download the “Kaizen Club Tracker” for that week and work on each super-easy-to-master habit for 21 days each.


“If you ever get the chance to learn from him in any format you MUST take immediate and full avantage of it, or you’ll be missing out BIG-TIME!”


Jason Oman

#1 Bestselling Author of

Conversations with Millionaires,


There will only be 3 habits you’ll focus on at any given time.

Some of the habits will stick.

Some won’t.

And it doesn’t matter …  See, that’s the beauty of kaizen.

It pays respect to the fact that perfection is not possible (in fact our pursuit of it can cause us a lot of pain), so we simply make tiny improvements in our “habit force” each day.

The period of 21 days is important.  Psychologists have discovered that if you stick with something habitually for this long you can make a permanent life long change.

Then, it’s no longer something you have to track – it is something you simply do.

With that in mind, let’s talk about those four investments.

Throughout I’ve mixed in some extremely valuable lessons (little-known facts that have had radical impact on my life), so read closely.

OK - Here They Are, but Make Me a Promise

Before you read these “4 Investments,” please make me a promise.

joel therien

“Mark Joyner is pure genius, he has a very unique ability to completely simplify complex ideas. He is the teacher I wished I had while attending University but could never find!”


Joel Therien

President and C.E.O. of HotConference


Read the previous part of this letter first …

Without understanding what I said above, the following won’t have nearly as much impact on your life as I would like.

If you already have, great.

Some folks are skimmers.  Nothing wrong with that!  It prevents us from wasting our time on the irrelevant.

This letter isn’t something to skim – it’s something to digest – that’s why I want you to read the whole thing from beginning to end.

OK, done so far?

Let’s carry on …

Investment #1:  Your Self-Esteem

Sadly the importance of this is lost in the din of self-help noise.

Unscientific self-image training has really muddied the waters on something that’s of vital importance for you and your family.

Make no mistake: self-esteem may be the most important of all 4 investments.

Randy Gage

“Mark Joyner is a great man with a revolutionary vision of personal development.


Randy Gage

Author of Prosperity Mind


Day in and day out he suffers the slings and arrows of these seemingly innocent comments and over time he loses confidence in himself.

One day he gets an idea …

And then – he fails to act on it!

No big deal?

So what?

It happens every day?

Well, imagine now that the man in question was:

Alexander Graham Bell.

The idea:

The telephone.

So, is self-esteem important?

(You’ve already figured this out now, but …) I’m here to tell you that it is so damn important that you need to guard it with your life …  Losing your self-esteem will virtually guarantee that you will fail.

Can you fail even if you have high self-esteem?

You bet.  But you’ll also succeed from time to time, too.

If you have low self-esteem you simply will not try.  You’ll doubt yourself.  You’ll give up.  Game over.

I know – because I’ve been there.

Matt Gill

“After our 1 day consultation with Mark, we went and immediately applied his instructions to one division of our company. Within 8 months, this product line had done a grand total of $921,964 in additional sales – plus a recurring monthly income stream of $20,503 per month ($246,036/year). The return on investment cannot even be calculated because the effects are still being seen in new growth and ongoing profits. If you have a chance learn from Mark, jump on it – your business and your life will never be the same.”


Matt Gill

Nitro Marketing

At various points in my life I’ve allowed people to attack my self-esteem and it has almost meant my ruin.

Sometimes it was jealous competitors who would attack me by trying to smear my name, take credit for my work (even right in front of my face – sleazy, I know), or make me doubt myself …

Sometimes it was well-intentioned people who didn’t realize the depth to which their words would cut …

Sometimes it was advertising that chipped away at my values …

And you know the one to blame for all of it?


See, you and I? We have absolutely zero control over any of the above things.  If we try to make it all better by trying to control the outside forces that hammer away at our esteem we have a very tough life ahead of ourselves.  (Believe me, I’ve tried!)

The only way to deal with it is by being the guardian of your own mind.

Craig Perrine

“I consistently applied ONE idea from ONE of Mark’s books that I read years ago and it has paid off in the millions for me and my clients. Now you know why I read ALL Mark’s books.”


Craig Perrine

CEO, MaverickMarketer.com

There is absolutely nothing you can do about the attacks people will make on your self-esteem.  They will come daily from now until your last breath.

Get used to it.

What you can change is how you react to them.  You’ve probably heard that before, but you probably haven’t heard exactly how to do it …  Here’s one way.

Surprisingly, there is a lot of extremely useful information from the academic study of psychology that doesn’t make its way into mainstream knowledge.

For example, the study of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy shows that much of our suffering comes from our faulty beliefs.   (by the way …  this is but one of the many advanced technologies we’re going to introduce you to in Kaizen Club – you’re about to go on a pretty mind-blowing journey …  but don’t worry – you won’t need to “understand” any of this theory behind this stuff – we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.)

They call it A – B – C.

Step 1.  We experience an “Activating Event.”  That’s the “A” of A – B – C.

For example, someone says, “I think your idea is really stupid.”

Step 2.  We suffer a “Consequence.”  That’s the “C.”

For example, we change our plans and/or feel bad about ourselves because of their disapproval.

So – the A causes the C, right?

Not exactly …

What most of us don’t know is that in between those two things is a B.  Or more precisely iB – short for “Irrational Belief.”

What the first diagram doesn’t show, and what most of us fail to realize, is that the A doesn’t cause the C.

It’s the iB in the middle that really causes problems.

For example:

Step 1.  We experience an “Activating Event.”  That’s the “A” of A – B – C.

For example, someone says, “I think your idea is really stupid.”

Step 2.  We have the Irrational Belief that we need the approval of others for survival.

Step 3.  We suffer a “Consequence.”  That’s the “C.”

For example, we change our plans and/or feel bad about ourselves because of their disapproval.

See, it wasn’t the Activating Event that caused anything – it was the Irrational Belief that did.

Once we correct the above belief with a healthier one, things that used to bug us don’t anymore …

Irrational Belief

“I need the approval of the people I love and respect to be happy.”

Healthier Alternative

“Approval can be very gratifying but I don’t need it to survive.  In fact, getting approval all the time simply isn’t possible and seeking it guarantees unhappiness.”

This is just one of the many tiny tweaks you can make to recapture your self-esteem.

Changing this one single belief alone can have massive and immediate impact on your life.

The good news is that most of these changes are extremely easy to make.  You just need to get in the habit of making them.  In Kaizen Club, we will zoom you right in on the simple and easy habitual changes you can make that will have the biggest impact on your life.

You don’t need to research or understand anything.  We’ve set it up so all you need to do is follow very simple instructions.  (So simple that you might ask “is that all I have to do?”  Hey, we could make it harder if you like, but you want the highest impact with the least effort.)

How Kaizen Club Boosts Your Self Esteem:

  • You learn simple tricks that quickly give you the high self esteem displayed by people like bestselling authors and sports stars.
  • We have scoured thousands of books and studies to bring you the shockingly simple habits (anyone can do this) that have the biggest impact on your self esteem.
  • Employ what science has actually proven to improve your self-esteem.

Investment #2:  Your Business

If you aren’t a business owner you still need to read this section …


Ben Mack

“Mark Joyner gets people unstuck. By changing 5 words, Mark transformed a 4-year-old idea of mine into a book proposal that sold within a week.”


Ben Mack,

former VP of Marketing for BBDO and Author of Think Two Brands Ahead

Well, the business you are a part of is, in fact, your livelihood.  Whether you are the owner of a business or a player in a business, that business puts food on the table for you and your family – and provides a service to the world.

Just like your self-esteem you need to protect this with every fiber of your being, but there’s more …

Let’s do a little math together.  (Don’t worry, it’s easy.)

Investor A:

His assets are dispersed on a portfolio of stocks.

Investor B:

He has not invested in any stock.  Instead, he owns a cash-flow business that generates sales.  His assets are his relationships with his team, his intellectual property, his brand …

Now, let’s imagine that the stock market has a “complete melt down.”  Anyone who has paid attention to the news in recent years knows that this isn’t just a paranoid possibility.  Markets can and do crash.

At the end of the crash, what is the net worth of Investor A?

And how about Investor B?

David Garfinkel

“Mark goes where no one has gone before, blazing a trail that enlightens millions.


David Garfinkel

World Copywriting Institute

Well, you don’t even have to know the cash value of their assets to know that Investor A is flat broke after the meltdown and Investor B still has what he started with:  his team, his intellectual property, his brand …

See, Investor B can generate cash flow at will.

Investor A is at the mercy of the market.

Wow …

Investor B?

Even if he is flat broke at the end of the recession he can quickly and easily generate cash at will because he invested in the right things.

Imagine two former millionaires who wash up on the shores of America flat broke.  One is someone who knows how to set up and run businesses (for himself and others).  The other is a man who earned his money once through luck.

Can you predict which one got it all back (and more) 12 months later?

Bob Bilber

“Mark is a legend and when legends speak I listen.”


Bob Silber


I bet you can.

Are you beginning to see why I say it’s so important that you invest in your business?

I bet you are.

OK, great – this is easy to say, but a little harder to do – no just about impossible to do – if you don’t know the correct actions to take.

Here again kaizen is the answer.


OK, we need to back up for a second …

See, there are two primary mistakes that business owners make.  They are rooted in two “super toxic” belief patterns:

Toxic Business Belief #1: The Erroneous Belief That Business is a Game with a Definite End

Yes, you can and should plan for an intelligent “exit strategy” for your business, but I have never seen a business that “exited” exactly as the founder of that business originally intended.

Brad Ballen

“Simply put… The sharpest marketer I’ve ever met. Mark’s light years ahead of any other marketer I know.”


Brad Callen

CEO of Bryxen Software

If you keep focusing on “getting out” of your business you’re going to live your whole life in the mythical island of “some day.”

One needs to accept that business is a “process” that doesn’t have a direct end per se.  The key is to make gradual and continual improvements – regardless of the “market conditions” of the moment.

If you simply accept that it’s a continual – and growing – process, you then throw yourself into the process and stop worrying about an “end” that never materializes.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t “rewards” – those rewards are great, but ironically they only seem to materialize for the ones who take the kaizen path of continual improvement.

Interesting, right?

Toxic Business Belief #2: The Erroneous Belief That Perfection is Possible

This one has got to be one of the biggest causes of human pain and suffering both in and out of business.

Many of us strive for perfection in business …

Wait a minute.  Isn’t this a good thing?

Isn’t the pursuit of perfection the path to greatness?

Well, it would be if “perfection” were possible.  But, it’s not.

See, the entire notion of perfection is rooted in the belief that there is some force out there that has the final say of what’s good and bad.

Think about it …  I don’t know what your religious beliefs are, but I’d bet that you don’t believe in “The God of Business Perfection.”

Kind of silly right?

Imagine some great godlike figure sitting up above us all judging the level of perfection of our business life.

No religious book I’ve ever read talks about that.

Obviously that’s a pretty silly notion, but if you think about it that’s what you have to believe in to “strive for perfection” in business or in just about any area of your life.

This is why striving for perfection causes us pain – we then strive for something that is unattainable because it simply does not even exist.

It’s like playing a game where you can only score points by catching butterflies that don’t exist.  You’d get frustrated with that game pretty fast, no matter how big your butterfly net is.

Mel Strocen

“Mark Joyner is a visionary and one of those rare individuals who is able to communicate ground-breaking ideas in an easily understandable way.”


Mel Strocen,

CEO, Jayde Online, Inc.


So, it’s time to let go of perfection and embrace kaizen.

That is the way of the future.

When you take the path we set out for you in the Kaizen Club, some of the habits we teach you will stick – some won’t.

And it doesn’t matter!

The beauty of constant improvement is that it is based in reality and on how humans actually are – not in the crazy notions of what we should be that have been recklessly programmed into our minds by our culture.

Here again, as with the first of the Four Investments, Kaizen Club will zoom right in on the simple and easy habitual changes that will make the most radical impact on your business.

For example, did you know that there is one habit you can get into today that will only take you 5 minutes each morning, but that has doubled the income of almost everyone who ever tried it within 6 months?  You’ll learn that one and more in Kaizen Club.

How Kaizen Club Boosts Your Business:

  • You learn simple habits actually used by millionaire and billionaire tycoons (not fuzzy theory).
  • After having worked with thousands of businesses, we have the luxury of knowing the tiny differences that separate the “almost-famous” pseudo-successes from the true titans of business.
  • Employ what science (not the ranting of business gurus) has actually proven to work.

Investment #3:  Your Relationships

First, let me just dispel yet another toxic belief that may have infected your mind.

Recently people have often been ridiculed for trying to do things themselves.  They were told that real achievers don’t do the work:  they only get others to do it for them.

Ewen Chia

“Mark is so much more than a brilliant marketer and business strategist, his innovative ideas and advice set new standards for marketing and create million-dollar businesses out of thin air!”


Ewen Chia


This is a complete and utter falsehood.

The people I know who are the most successful work their tails off.

If someone isn’t around to get it done for them, they step up to the plate and get it done themselves.

The belief that everything must be done by “underlings” (even simple stuff you can quickly and easily do for yourself) is a toxic one if it prevents you from taking action. Not to mention that it’s deeply disrespectful of other human beings.

I just wanted to make that clear at the outset before we carry on.

This isn’t meant as a swipe at any of the fine people who teach people about the power of outsourcing or delegation, by the way. They are extremely powerful concepts – and I never want to take swipes at people (if anything, only at ideas).

Anyway …

No way will I ever ridicule someone who has a fantastic work ethic.  In fact, I have always been proud of that trait in myself and

Dan Brazil

“Mark is an inspirational genius who has the rare gift to condense and distill the pathway to what is really essential to live a full and purposeful life.”


Daniel Feenstra

CEO Hotbid New Zealand Ltd


I surround myself with those who have this trait as well.

Yes, I want to also surround myself with people who have the talents that make up for the areas in which I’m lacking (of course!) but make no mistake:  without the trait of a solid work ethic myself it would be rather difficult to earn the lasting respect of those on my team.

Relationships (with business partners, family, friends, your team) are extremely important, but the business world is full of a lot of wrong-headed notions about how to go about fostering them.

Again here – Kaizen Club will give you simple and effective habitual strategies for making your relationships deep and strong.

Not through “manipulation” either – through the healthy fostering of a life where everyone benefits and prospers.

The pure joy of it is that by making genuine friends not only will you be making yourself wealthier, but you will feel happier and more fulfilled.

Example: Did you know that by simply paying a sincere compliment about a very small thing can instantly put someone in a wonderful mood and make it almost impossible for them not to like you? Just try it. For a few days try making a small compliment to everyone you meet. It can be their shoes. The way they did something at work. Just make sure it’s sincere and if you’re married, be careful about how you use this on the opposite sex (lest you get an endless stream of crushes to beat off with a stick).  This is but one small example of the many stunningly effective habits you’ll learn in Kaizen Club.

How Kaizen Club Boosts Your Relationship Power:

  • You learn simple tricks that allow those who seem to have a “knack for making friends.”  There’s no knack to it.  It’s a science like any other.  You just have to know the rules.
  • Our CEO, Mark Joyner, is known by millions of people around the world and has close personal connections with government officials, movie stars, and billionaires.  Over time you’ll develop these same skills.
  • You’ll discover how to do all this by making genuine friendships – without manipulation or shady tactics.

Investment #4:  Your Energy

This could be said a million ways, but it comes down to this: if you simply don’t have enough “get up and go” to charge through your day getting things done one after the other … “tomorrow” will look exactly like “yesterday.”

It’s an unavoidable fact:  change in life requires action – the faster you act, the faster you change – the more energy you have, the faster you can act.

Dave Lakhani

“Mark Joyner’s penetrating insights and laser focus will transform your life . . . fast!”


Dave Lakhani

President Bold Approach, Inc.

more energy you have, the faster you can act.

Another fact:  I don’t know any rich lazy people.

Yeah, some of them will say they are lazy, but in reality they’re not.

Each and every one of them flies through the day like a hurricane of action – smiling all the while.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

And it doesn’t mean that hard work will sometimes appear effortless.

A Zen master was once overheard saying “a spinning top appears motionless when it’s spinning fastest.”

Those who are effortlessly getting things done are actually moving at an alarmingly fast rate and have extremely high energy levels.

How do they do it?

Again, I don’t think this is something people are born with.

Yes, perhaps there may be some biological tendencies that might predispose us for greater or lesser natural energy, but we have so much control over this that it almost doesn’t matter.

As we learn more and more about the body and the mind our biological differences are becoming less and less significant.

Example: Did you know that through various easy-to-master special breathing exercises some humans have been observed doing extraordinary things?  There is the 90 year old man in Karachi, Pakistan who – purely through the power of breathing – is able to go for days on end without food or water – without any of the normally expected negative health effects one would expect. After observing this man in a tightly controlled environment and verifying that it was true, scientists were utterly baffled.  Another man – a dear friend of mine named Daniel Feenstra – was born with spina bifida, a spinal defect that causes great pain.  Through a special breathing technique he is able to tolerate what would send most people withering to the floor in agony. Other tricks (breathing is but one of many – and they are all easy to master) can wake you up instantly from even extreme fatigue,  give you stamina when even those “fitter” than you are dropping like flies, and perk up your brain in seconds.

How Kaizen Club Skyrockets Your Energy Levels:

  • You learn simple habit changes (no extreme life-style changes required at all) that can turn on your energy like flipping a switch.  Many of these techniques are surprisingly effective.
  • Discover the energy boosting techniques many doctors perform in secret but – for fear of ridicule by others in their profession – will never teach their patients.
  • There are bizarre findings surfacing every day.  You won’t see it on the news (goodness knows for what reason), but science is in the midst of the greatest revolution in history this very minute.  It can get complex, and it does, but not to worry …  We do all the number crunching and heavy lifting – you just reap the radical boosts in energy levels.

Now, what if you began using these techniques automatically?

Without thinking?

Without effort?

We’re almost there.  Read on …

Turn off your mind for a moment and just go along the ride with me.

Imagine that instead of getting older and more tired each day you actually felt more youthful and energetic.

Imagine that instead of your bank account shrinking … it were growing and growing.

Imagine that each and every day more people liked you – and the ones who already do like you liked you even more and more.

How would that feel?

If I were a betting man I’d bet that even the thought of that feels pretty good. (Go ahead … try it!  Close your eyes and imagine it.  No one has to know …  Really imagine it in your mind’s eye.)

OK, are you ready for the bad news?

That reality is not going to pop out of thin air for you overnight.

Yes, some will make that kind of claim to sell you products, but I know my audience – they are a lot smarter than that.

The good news is, we actually do know now how to make this a reality for almost everyone – even those of us who are severely “down on their luck” in the worst ways imaginable.

It won’t happen over night, but it will happen a lot faster than you think.

And since the benefits of Kaizen Club accumulate over time, you can rest assured that you are making constant gradual improvements.  One day – as a totally new person – you’ll look back at the person you were and you’ll wonder how you got there.

I’m hoping you’ll think back to the day you first read this letter and smile.

More about that in a second.  It’s not anywhere near as expensive in terms of time and money as you’d expect.

Please put a price tag on the following items.

What if someone could grant you the following with the wave of a magic wand?  How much would you pay them?

Unstoppable Self-Esteem
Boundless Energy
Abundant Loving Relationships
Flowing Wealth

Are you finished?

Go ahead, write in your answers.  Don’t think about it too much.  Just write down what you’d pay.


You’ve probably figured out there really is no price tag for this kind of thing.

I mean, these are the things we all want, right?

Everything else is really just a distraction or something we think will bring us one of those four things.

Why not just go straight for those things directly, right?

It’s crazy …

Is there really any reason not to grab the bull by the horns and just go for it?

I sure can’t think of a good one and that’s why I’m doing this.

But here’s where it gets even better …

You know the best thing about Kaizen Club?

I’ll tell you in a second, but here’s the 2nd best thing:

It’s the calm reassurance.

There is so much information out there competing for our attention.

Some of it is toxic.

Some of it is well-intentioned but misguided.

Some of it is a bit kooky.

Wouldn’t it feel great to know that someone has done the research for you and all you have to do is just “plug in” the simple things we ask you to do week after week?

Just three easy-to-keep habits at a time – that’s it.

Just “set it and forget it” and kick back with the assurance that over time all of these little “investments” keep paying off more and more …

That’s what the Kaizen Club is all about.

Each week you simply download your “Kaizen Club Tracker” and tick the boxes each day that you keep the habit.

If you fail, you don’t worry. You just go on to the next week.

“Can it really be that simple?”

Haha – yes, that’s the best part.

Tiny habitual changes (the right habitual changes – that’s where we’ve done all the hard work for you in advance) really do add up to profoundly huge changes over time.

But again, they have to be the right habitual changes.

I simply can not stress the importance of this enough.

The greatest news of all is that my team (who is standing by 24 hours a day to help you, by the way) and I have done all the work.

We’ve done the research to bring you the easiest and most high impact habitual changes known to man.

But read the following first to find out if you’re ready.

I know this may be a bit scary, so let’s check to see if you can handle it.

In closing, let me just point something out …

If you were satisfied with where you are right now, you probably wouldn’t be reading this letter.

Each and every moment in our lives is a turning point.

We are constantly, each and every second, re-inventing ourselves.

We are not fixed entities, but things “in motion.”

You can at any time take charge of the direction of that motion and point yourself toward happiness and prosperity.

But it’s a rare moment that we have awareness of this power.

Most of our lives we allow outside influences to push us hither and thither.

Sometimes, though …  Sometimes we get a moment of clarity.

Psychologists call it an “epiphany” …

In these rare moments of clarity we see how powerful we truly are.

Can you remember what that feels like?

I believe that we must seize those moments as opportunities for radical change.

My hope is that this letter has triggered such a moment in you and that you will use this moment to begin that radical change in your life.

Did it?

If yes, then the time is right.

Right now …

Joining the Kaizen Club will put you on an irreversible course in the right direction.

And because I believe this decision is such an important one, I’ve made it extremely easy for you to say yes.

In fact, we’ve made it so easy, we’re practically going to pay you just to try it out.

Here’s how it works:

I want you to try Kaizen Club for $49 per month.

If you choose to continue with me as a member of Kaizen Club, you’ll only pay the nominal fee of $49 per month.

(That’s far less than the price of a cup of coffee per day.)

If you cancel, you’ll be charged nothing, and you get to keep an amazing package of bonuses and premiums we’ve put together for you (valued at $3,797) as our gift to you.

Total package value:  $3,797

These people want you to join the Kaizen Club so much that they have donated their own products to entice you.  There are over 30 products in this bonus package totaling over $3,797 worth of videos, books, software, and more …

And here’s just a sample of what you’ll get …

“Unspoken Marketing” by Joe Vitale

Marketing legend, Joe Vitale’s private collection of marketing truisms.

Blair Warren’s “27 Words to Make the World Do Your Bidding”

Audio recording by persuasion expert Blair Warren that teaches you a simple method for learning persuasion that anyone can master quickly and easily.

How a 14 Year Old Kid Makes Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

David Wilkinson is a 14 year old child prodigy who has made hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Internet.  In these 33 PowerPoint presentations he shows you exactly how he does it.

From Lame to Fame in 11 Buzz-Tastic Steps

Dean Hunt is the marketing genius behind the “killer bunnies” video seen by millions.  This report breaks down exactly how he gets millions of people to follow his every move.

For Women Only:  Sexy Female Marketing

This 33 video series from Singapore marketing phenom Diana Sabrain shows women how to get dominating marketing results in a man’s world using their feminine power.

Search Helper Automation Software

Automatically scours hundreds of sources online putting it all at your fingertips in moments.

(Must have tool!)

Foods That Heal Your Body

From nutrition expert Sandra Jackson:  shocking natural foods that heal your body and prevent disease.

That’s just a sample – there’s much much more …

Total Premium Bonanza Package Value:  $3,797

Again, you pay nothing today and get to keep the Premium Bonanza package as our gift to you just for trying out Kaizen Club.

Are you ready?

If so, all you have to do is say “yes” below.

Yes! Please let me try Kaizen Club for $49 per month.  Even if I cancel I get to keep the following package of gifts – they’re mine to keep.  At any point I’ll have a full 30 days to cancel my subscription – and I’ll be given a prompt and courteous refund for the last month’s membership on the spot.

I get right now …

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P.S.  Am I crazy?  You might think I am after reading this, but so be it …

In addition to the Premium Bonanza I thought I’d throw just one more thing in to cinch up the deal for you and make this a real “no-brainer.”   Years ago I ran a seminar that some call “the greatest marketing seminar ever held.”  Never since have we seen such high energy and such amazing information shared from the stage.  We have videos of people sobbing in gratitude from how life-changing the experience was for them.  The video recordings of this seminar have been sold for as much as $1,997, but I’m going to give you instant download access immediately – just for trying out

P.P.S.  The above last minute bonus?  Well …

I really don’t know how long I’ll be willing to give it away.  It may really irk the people who have paid big bucks for this seminar, but so be it.  (if you’re one of them contact our help desk and I’ll make it up to you)  If the heat over this little stunt of mine becomes too much to bear I’ll have to take away this nice little extra, so please do not navigate away from this page without taking advantage of it.

And remember, life is happening right now – whether you’re joining the legions of Kaizen Club members who are taking life by the horns or not.

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