How to Manifest Abundance in Your Life

To manifest abundance into your life, it is imperative to learn and practice certain techniques and follow them in a step-by-step fashion in order to initiate the flow of money and other goods. This article will guide you to learn a simple technique to manifest a flow of money into your life experience without struggle, pain or worry.

The first step is to understand one simple concept that will enable you to create the right mindset for the flow to begin. I must warn you though. This concept is simple and it’s right before your very eyes. And just because of that, many will disregard it or take it for granted and do not give it the importance it so much deserves. When you make this concept a part of your daily awareness, things will begin to change as if by miracle.

Having said that, here it this important concept… In order to manifest abundance you MUST realize the abundance you already have in your own life and the abundance that exists in your surrounding environment. Recognize that there are a multitude of signs that reflect abundance in many areas and in every person’s life experience despite the evident present lack of money.

The sooner you become aware of the fact that life is a constant and overflowing river of abundance the faster you will align yourself to receive the wealth that you so much want and deserve. The reason behind this is attitude. When you acquire an attitude of abundance, your mental state shifts to manifest abundance based on your awareness alone.

As mentioned, this concept is quite simple. But make no mistake… it is extremely powerful. Once you know this you will see that most people cannot envision a richer life because they are constantly focused in what they don’t have; it will become obvious to you why most are living in lack. If you want to change this in your own life, you must get rid of the spectacles of scarcity and limitation that many people have chosen to wear. When you open your eyes to the many possibilities for wealth around you, you will slowly begin to change your inner barometer to manifest abundance.

Here is a meditation for you to begin the flow of money and abundance into your life…

Find a place where you can relax and be undisturbed for a few moments. Take a few deep breaths, and relax. Imagine yourself happily giving money to others and see them receiving that money with gratitude and joy. Rejoice in the feeling that giving brings. Stay with that feeling for a few moments and smile. Now imagine the same scene in the opposite direction. Imagine others happily giving you money. Now the flow goes both ways as you see money coming to you. Keep on breathing and smiling while you do this. Allow yourself to stay in this state for a few moments until you feel the feeling of abundance flow through you.

Open your eyes and go on with your day. Once you do this a few times, you will start sensing the changes within yourself.

A word of caution… If you notice some struggle in imagining this, it is very likely you are still resisting abundance because your sense of lack is still anchored. Do not worry. Just be mindful to your feelings and acknowledge them as you follow along this next step.

Decide to go out and share something of what you already have, like giving some money to those who are in need. For instance, if you see a homeless person, offer a buck or two. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount. What counts here is the willingness to engage in the cycle of giving and receiving. Make it a point to do this for a few days while you practice the guided meditation above.

Go through your day thinking that you do live in an abundance universe. If you need proof, look at a tree nearby and observe the abundance of leaves, or look at the sky as see how limitless it is. Get into your awareness the fact that there is nothing to fear and no matter what, your needs will always be met.

Carry out this meditation for a few minutes every day. You may also want to take notes as you go along. Jot down any feelings and thoughts as well as serendipitous events that come along. This is not only fun, but it will make it easier for you to track your evolution. After you do this for several days in a row, you will start noticing a change in attitude; and once this attitude remains constant, it will be the main indicator for you to manifest abundance in your life. Master this and the deeper understanding of abundance will be part of who you are as you will attract greater abundance with ease.

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Author: Tamara Baruhovich
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