How to Increase Your Blog Traffic with Social Media

After having started a blog, one of your main goals is to get people who actually want to read it. Sure, you can tell your family members and friends about it; however, it’s unlikely that every single one of them is going to read it. Social media is such a powerful tool right now, so why not turn to that to help you out ?

Blog Traffic



Facebook Statuses

Facebook Status


While there are many popular parts of Facebook, the statuses seem to be on the top of the heap. People are constantly posting what they are doing and reading about what their friends are up to, so use yours to promote your blog. Every time you update, include a link to the blog in your status. Write a little preview of what is included in the blog to pique the interest of specific parties. You might even want to tag a few friends if you think they might be particularly interested in the contents of that particular blog. Be careful with this though because some people don’t like to be tagged.

A Fan Page



Once you’ve built up a bit of a following, start a fan page for your blog. Include a link to the blog, and describe what the blog is about. You might also want to include a little blurb that tells readers why you started the blog in the first place. Establish yourself as an authority on the topic. For example, if you have a cooking blog, let readers know that you spent a few years in culinary school. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that intense. You might also say that you cook every night and love preparing large holiday meals for your family. Post a few pictures on the fan page to dress it up. You should also include interesting snippets from your posts on the page to leave potential readers wanting more.

Network with Professionals

As your blog grows bigger and bigger, you might find yourself able to take it to a professional level. Someone may want to have you blog for his or her company, or a few businesses with related products might pay you to include ads on your blog. Consider creating a profile on LinkedIn to meet with professionals who might be interested in your work. If you don’t feel as though you’re quite ready for that, create a page on another social media site that is separate from your personal account. When you mesh the personal with the professional, people might not see it being as much of a serious undertaking. Make it known that blogging is both your passion and your job.

Increasing traffic to your blog can come in many forms. First and foremost though, you want to start off with extended circles of people that you know. Not everyone is going to read it, but you’re likely to bring in a few loyal followers. As your blog continues to grow, look toward even more professional steps to keep the growth rates up.

Karen is a Lifestyle Blogger from Sydney, Australia. She is no internet marketing expert, but managed to rapidly grow her blog with the assistance of social media. When Karen isn’t managing her blog, she is kept busy with looking after her four young children.interest lies in photography, playing the guitar, gaming,Jeet Kune Do and enjoy keeping myself updated with world events. Connect with me on Google+