How to Create Abundance in Your Life

Where do you have abundance in your life? Where don’t you? It’s possible to have abundance in all areas of our lives, if we can allow it to come in. When I look outside right now I see an abundance of flowers in my garden with an abundance of bees, moths and butterflies swirling around. At night there is an abundance of stars in the sky and I am reminded of the nature of the universe: ever expanding and abundant.

It is only in our minds that we create limitations to the abundance we can have and already do have in life. Watching, reading or listening to the news and woes of others, it is easy to shift into a state of fear and lack. In reality scarcity does not exist unless we believe it does. When we take the time to connect to our inner truth and listen to our hearts, we know that we have everything we need right in this moment and can bring whatever we need into the next moment.

When we get focused on the distant future, wondering if we will have our needs met, it is easy to slip into speculation and doubt which can spiral into fear and worry. Re-focusing on the here and now and checking to see if all our current needs are being met, brings us back into a state of ease.

Insights Into Your Levels of Abundance

Reflect on these questions to see how you prevent or create more abundance in your life.

  • Do you spend more time focusing on what you do have, or on begrudging what you don’t have in life? Notice how you feel when you focus on what you don’t have – is this emotional, physical, mental state likely to bring you what you want, or keep you stuck in a state of lack?

  • In the areas where you do have abundance in your life, what are the reasons you can have this abundance (start with obvious surface reasons and then move to underlying beliefs about yourself and the world that support you in having this abundance).

  • In the areas where you don’t have abundance and would like to have more, explore your reasons why you don’t have what you want (once you’ve finished blaming you’re boss, spouse, kids, government and the universe for getting in the way, move to your core beliefs about yourself that undermine you).

Inspiring Exercises to Create Abundance in Your Life

  • Center within yourself and imagine having all the abundance you want in your life – let yourself see, feel and experience this. Now ask yourself, what beliefs you would need to hold about yourself in order to attract this abundance into your life.

  • Find three ways to incorporate these supporting beliefs into your daily life and practice these until they become automatic (there’s writing affirmations on post-it-notes, visualizing daily and so on, see if you can come up with any other creative ways to remind yourself daily of your truth).

  • Set time aside each day to reflect on all the things you do have in your life and what you are grateful for, as what you focus on grows and being in a state of gratitude will not only feel good, but will give you the confidence to create more.

As you practice focusing on the abundance that already exists in your life, you will attract more abundance. And as you shift your limiting, scarcity, beliefs into supportive, abundant beliefs, you will live an abundant life.

Gini Grey is a Transformational Coach, Writer and Spiritual Teacher. Gini is the author of the book, From Chaos to Calm: How to Shift Unhealthy Stress Patterns and Create Your Ideal Balance in Life, and the CD, Create What You Want in Your Life. She uses a powerful blend of spiritual energy awareness tools, wellness counseling and coaching skills in her Transformational Sessions and Insights & Inspiration Calls. For more information or for transformational articles visit Insights & Inspiration.

Author: Gini Grey
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