Domain Name Appraisals


Domain Names seem to be back on the list of hot topics with me lately. Perhaps it’s the advent of the IDN’s coming up, perhaps here in NZ the Domain Names are starting to hit the radar. What ever it is it seems I have had a few conversations over the last 2 weeks about Domain Names and just today I was asked how I determine what the domain might be worth.

I’m no expert and so that is why I get an appraisal done, it’s cost effective and easy.

Get the most from your domain AND the biggest bang for your buck. Whether you’re buying or selling, whether you want to save a lot or make a lot, Domain Name Appraisals gives you an expert evaluation of what a domain name is worth.

This is a must, imagine selling your domain for half what you could have sold it for. The issue in NZ right now is that people don’t appreciate just how much their domain is worth and some people are selling for incredibly low prices.

Express Appraisals are based on Commercial Use, Brand Recognition, Name Length, Dot Value, Hyphen/Numeric and Word Count. Step up to a Certified appraisal and you’ll also receive an in-depth analysis of five critical industry standards.