Creating Divine Abundance – Are You Ready to Receive?

What is Divine Abundance?

Divine Abundance is the flow of universal energy that comes to us from our Divine Source, God. It provides us with everything that we need. To create ‘Divine Abundance’ means you allow the Universal Energy to flow to you and you are open to receive it. It means that you must make some changes in your attitude and beliefs about abundance. Then, you can tap into this every presence source of abundance and love everyday.

For many, the idea of being abundant means having loads of money. For others, abundance may include financial prosperity but expands out to include abundance of health, love, friendship, travel, vacations, world peace, inner peace and the list goes on. Whatever your want in your life, you have the power to create it. God wants you to be abundant and happy in all ways.

Blocking Abundance

Now you may wonder why would anyone block abundance flowing to them? There are lots of reasons that have to do with our view of abundance. Some cannot imagine being wealthy as they have always been poor. Others have not been healthy and cannot imagine a healthy body. Others are lonely and feel unloved. Some of us simply think that we do not deserve abundance and are full of guilt. These feeling of ‘lacking’ something in our life stop us from abudance in our lives. These views block the flow of abundance energy.

New Views about Abundance

Let’s look at some thoughts that may help you change your views about yourself and abundance.

1. Everyone in the world deserves to be abundant in all ways. You deserve to be abundant!

2. You have the power to change your thoughts. Think positively. Get rid of negative language. If you have a negative thought, change it quickly to a positive one.

3. Your body can heal and be well. Meditate and visualize your body as being well. Visualize yourself as healthy and vibrant. Send love to your sick cells.

4. The universe is abundant and you can receive it. Ask and you will receive.

5. We attract what we think and feel. Energy follows thoughts. Feel happy about being abundant, before it happens.

6. Life changes every moment. You have the power to change.

7. You are in charge of YOU. Know you are in charge of your decisions.

8. You decide the way you think, feel and act everyday. Decide to be happy and well. No matter what is going on find inner peace within.

9. Letting go of old ways allows you to be free. Get rid of old baggage. It is weighing you down. To receive new…let go of the old things and ways that are not working for you.

10. God is the source of our abundance. Allow spirituality into your life. Feel the constant Universal love and Oneness within and allow God to guide you. Trust in this guidance.

The Key to Divine Abundance

Love is the key to Divine Abundance. Allow ‘Divine Abundance’ to flow to you by allowing your heart to fill with love and share this love with others. Listen within for guidance and wisdom. Decide how you want your life to be – a life full of love, good health, friends, family, and prosperity.

Now, have a clear focus of your dreams and a warm heart, and know that all of this is possible. Begin by asking for guidance in your mediation. Watch for guidance in many forms in your life. Create positive changes in your life and see life as an adventure, a journey into abundance of love and well-being. Trust that you have everything you need in every moment. Express gratitude for all the abundance your receive. Enjoy these gifts and smile each day!

Jane Rosalea Booth Robertson is author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation. She is an Ordained Minister of All Seasons Church of Canada and an Ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking. Jane is Certified USUI Master and Practitioner and a Certified Sound Energy Dynamics Practitioner who resides in Meaford, ON Her company is The Golden Light Centre for Well-Being Inc. She leads Peaceful Path Retreats for Women and Meditation Gatherings in Meaford, ON, Canada. She is owner of The Golden Light Centre for Well-Being Inc. an on line business with holistic services and products and art to create harmony in your life.
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