Attracting Abundance and Not Lack

Abundance is a state that includes wealth but means more than that. True abundance is the state of being connected to the primary source of everything that is, of manifesting a steady flow of positive energy to nourish and expand life, love, and creativity. Abundance is unlimited and effortless; it is experiencing joy. Abundance is not something that exists outside yourself; rather, it is a state of being that is experienced in your mind. You have the innate ability of attracting abundance.

To attract abundance, be abundant and begin to act like you already have all the things that you desire. Majority of people may think that if they possess plenty of money, they could do anything they have ever dreamed of doing and thus be much happier. In fact, the reverse is true. If you begin by creating a state of happiness, you start attracting abundance, not lack, and you’ll find yourself inspired to do things that soon enough lead to reaching the physical state that matches your state of being.

The Law of Attraction simply states that “you will attract to you those things that match your state of being.” If you create a state of abundance in your mind, you will attract more abundance into your life. If you concentrate on the things that you do not have, the message you transmit is one of lack and that is exactly what you will attract. The problem with most of us is that we tend to focus on our lack or scarcity. We do so unknowingly when we put ourself in the state of always wanting. This indicates to the Universe that we are lacking instead of being abundant. Thus, instead of attracting abundance, you end up attracting more lack into your life.

You must be familiar with the old saying that says “the rich is getting richer, and the poor is getting poorer.” It is not only because the rich have more wealth which they invest to earn interest, but it is also because their state of abundance attracts more of it. Hence, think abundant thoughts and you will start attracting abundance.

The supply of abundance in the universe is infinite. Such abundance does not only necessarily mean the amount in one’s bank account, but it also refers to what is available on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. By attracting abundance, not lack, you will be able to reap the fullness of all that is rightfully yours.

If you are not presently living your life in abundance, then you must start to do so right away. In fact, there is more than enough supply of abundance around us, all you need to do is ask.
To start attracting abundance, view the world as an abundant and welcoming place to live in. Then you may use an affirmation statement such as “I am capable of attracting abundance in my life because I am in a state of abundance.” Finally, make sure you adopt the attitude of allowing all these things to come to you.

Evelyn Lim is a life coach and an intuitive consultant, with a passion for helping her clients and readers raise their vibrational state of being for attracting abundance. She is an author of self help topics such as positive thinking, attracting abundance, spirituality and becoming more happy. For free bonuses on manifesting secrets, mp3 downloads and fresh weekly tips, please sign up to her Abundance Tapestry newsletter.

Author: Evelyn Lim
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