Abundance – The Keys to Access Your Abundant Resources

Abundant Universe, Abundant You

Everything you see demonstrates that this is an abundant Universe, and therefore it is true in your life too! As money is simply another symbol of plenty, why would you ever permit it to symbolize the opposite? You are prosperous! Put into place now your claim to the abundance of the creative force within you and external to you.

Begin to imagine what you can create, and what you desire to create, and then create, in a state of joy and excitement. The originality of creation is its own motivation. It is strange that in our little nook of all of creation we’ve come up with this notion of lack. It is completely counter to the all-pervasive, gigantic, creative, manifesting, energy.

Lack – in all of its forms – poverty, wanting, evil, greed, guilt, selfishness, poor self-esteem, self hate, other hate, etc., etc. – are all made up, and have nothing to do with the positive power of creative force.

All forms of lack are un-whole, unwholesome.

Affirm Lavish Abundance

Ceaselessly affirm the lavish abundance which pours forth from the prismatic center of your being, where your creative forces reside. This force has created all that is. That it continues to manifest in your life is only logical.

Your “you-ness” is so miraculous! Is not your existence proof of profound abundance? Perhaps you’re wondering why so many people are just “‘squeaking by” in financial terms. Perhaps you’re wondering this about yourself.

I encourage you not to focus on the lack, but to be filled with gratitude for the plenty. We call to us that which we focus on. You’ve turned your back on abundance. If you’re tired of lack, TURN AROUND!

Giving is Receiving

In just this little sliver of the visible universe which we inhabit, that we can witness, there is an apparently inexhaustible plethora of abundance – abundant life-forms, abundant stars, abundant air, abundant beauty, abundant water, abundant Love, abundant “mind-stuff” calling you to create, create, create!

So why would anyone focus their amazing creative powers on denying abundant flow anywhere – least of all with money – which is but a contrivance we’ve manifested as a convenience to simplify exchange? Why would we allow money to ever become an ogreish medium, as if it has a power of its own, when the underpinning of its invention is to make it easier for us to interact, and therefore, easier to get along?

Why would we allow it to hold us hostage? In short, why empower the illusion of money with the illusion of paucity?

Claim Prosperity

Claim prosperity for yourself, welling up from selfless love. Burr off and discard the parts of your Id/Ego which run scenarios of worthless distracting fears. Focus on complete freedom to create that which is your purpose.

Thoughts become manifest. The purer the thought, the clearer the manifestation.

Within you there is a constant activity of abundance and prosperity. In order to call your heart’s desire into the three-dimensions, behave as if the reality of your heart’s desire is where you are now. Your consciousness is already filled with the light of this truth.

Four Resolutions to Initiate Your Abundance

  1. ) Acknowledge the many small miracles that occur with great frequency in your life and infuse them with your appreciation.
  2. ) Be filled with gratitude. When I get up in the morning, one foot touches the floor and I say “thank” and the other foot touches the floor and I say “you!”
  3. ) Begin a list of actions that support your belief in abundance – in small, small steps – that you will take that you haven’t yet engaged.
  4. ) Resolve to shift your inner picture to one of abundance and comfort, beginning now

Abundance! – The Keys to Access Your Abundant Resources is excerpted from Dr. Ayne’s new book, Abundance!
Here are few of the questions the book answers:

  • What must I do to have “All Needs Meet, All Desires Fulfilled”?
  • Where does manifesting come from?
  • How do I get my creative power in motion?
  • Tell me more about “Cause-Effect,” and how can I tap into it to improve my life?
  • How can “thinking from the end” change my life?
  • What do my dreams inform me?
  • Why is it important that I release the energy I have around control?
  • What is “Heart-Mind”?
  • What does it mean to be a “conscious being,” and why do so many wisdom teachers teach this?
  • Why are gratitude, focus, and my intentions so important in manifesting abundance?
  • What is meant by “money and prosperity are two different things”?

Abundance! can be found at: http://ALightHere.com where you will discover other wonderful life-fulfilling, and life-affirming resources.

Dr. Blythe Ayne received her Doctorate from University of California at irvine in the school of Social Sciences, with a focus on Ethnography and Psychology. Dr. Ayne (rhymes with “rain”) has been a writer all her life and a psychotherapist in private practice for nearly 20 years. Her published writing ranges from poems too numerous to count, to dozens of short stories, to non-fiction articles and scholarly works. Her work and continued studies have taken her into the investigation of the natural experience of alternate realities. She is particularly interested in the creative process as a means by which higher energies, as studied by quantum physicists, is brought into form.

A healthy and balanced earth is also a main focus, and, towards that end, she lives on ten acres where she works to support the natural habitat of the flora and fauna.

copyright 2007-Blythe Ayne, Ph.D.

Author: Blythe Ayne, PhD
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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