Abundance Has Already Been Freely Given to You

When did you Ever earn or deserve a free gift?

What is so awesome about free gifts is that they cannot be deserved or earned. They are just freely given. Its up to the receiver if they are going to receive them or not. God has freely given us an unlimited free gift called abundance. We didn’t earn abundance. We didn’t even deserve it. God chose to freely give us abundance. But why?

God has a purpose for everything and everyone. God has a purpose for the abundance He has ALREADY given to you. In 2 Corinthians 9:8 it says, “And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, have an abundance for every good work”. This verse tells us exactly why God gave us abundance – for every good work.

God gives to us for us to share. God is a giver not a hoarder. He created us to be the same, givers, not hoarders. We have abundance to use for every good work. We are to share the abundance God has freely given to us. We cannot use all the abundance God has already given to us for our own personal needs. Abundance is for sharing.

Every day you will see people in need. You may have exactly what a person needs. You can draw forth from the abundance God has given to you to meet someone else’s needs. The abundance God has given you is not just for you and your needs. Most of the abundance you have is actually for others. You are to use abundance to help those in need.

When you focus on how much you truly have, you will one day realize that you have no want or lack. How can you have abundance and lack at the same time? How can darkness be present when the light is on? When you know and believe that you have access to unlimited abundance, lack and want thoughts just fall away. You will begin to see the needs of others and know that you can help them.

What happens when you choose to put God and others before you? God takes care of every need that you will ever have. In fact, He already has. So you can rest in the truth that God is taking much better care of you than you could ever by yourself. Since your needs are already met, then your focus automatically changes. You will understand how much you truly have and will have such a desire to share the abundance God has freely given you.

Freely you have received, freely give is what Jesus said. Since God did not put any stipulations or conditions on freely giving you abundance, should you when you give to others? Do you really lose anything when you give out of abundance? There is no loss nor lack found in abundance. When you give someone a hug did you lose something? Are you missing a hug now since you gave one to someone? Give knowing that you will never run out. How can you run out of abundance?

God has freely given you abundance to freely give to others. Do others need what you already have? Yes, of course. Do they know you have what they need? Have you SHARED with them what you possess? If something has not left your possession then how can it help others?

Each day you will have opportunities to share your abundance with others. The question is will you do it? Are you “Abundance Sharing” focused? Do you look for those opportunities to share with others what you have that they need? Many will be very willing to freely receive what you are sharing with them. But remember, not everyone will and its THEIR choice not to receive.

In fact, they may know that they need exactly what you are sharing with them but still choose to not accept the free gift you are offering them. Why? Could be pride. Maybe they just want others to feel sorry for them. Possibly they want people’s sympathy. Again, it’s their choice whether or not they are going to receive the abundance you are sharing with them.

Many times people don’t believe they deserve or have earned what you are offering them. Does a one year old child deserve the gifts they receive on the first birthday? Gifts are undeserving. Gifts are unearnable. Gifts are for giving. Gifts are for receiving.

Why is it that certain people just don’t want to receive what it is they need? Choice. Only they can choose to receive the free gift you are offering them. Only they can choose to reject the free gift you are offering them. Choosing to give is your choice. Choosing to receive is their choice. One thing you can do is offer them abundance. Make that choice every day.

Imagine if everyone would share the abundance they already have freely been given with those they meet each day in need. What would happen if those in need would freely receive what was freely given to them? No more want. No more lack. Just abundance. Exactly the way God purposed in His heart in the first place.

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Author: Jeffrey Hardwick
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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