Abundance – And How to Achieve It

Abundance is a word much bandied about in self-help circles and, I suspect, from looking at a lot of self-help websites, it is a word much misunderstood, a word often confused with having loads of money. I think a simple definition of abundance would be that you “have it all” – whatever “it all” is. Obviously, you cannot have abundance without having enough money – whatever “enough” is – and, so, lack of money worries is an integral part of abundance, but not the primary measure of whether you have abundance or not. In my view – and this is reinforced by many years research into people who “have it all” – abundance is, above all else, a state of mind. That is not to say that people who are happy with their lot in life or have settled for what they have, have abundance – abundance does not mean settling for anything. Rather, it means living abundantly.

At present there is a lot of anxiety, worry, doubt, even fear about – whether that is fear of losing your job, not having enough money, fear of not being loved, or rejection – fill in your own blanks! With all this uncertainty, how can it be possible to achieve abundance in the modern world – or are all these self-help experts, peddling abundance, trying to scam you? Well, if they’re talking about having loads of money, they’re simply appealing to your basest instincts – everywhere you turn, people are obsessed with money. And, if you don’t feel that you have enough money, then how can you live abundantly?

Well, as I said, in my view, abundance is a state of mind – so we need to discuss what that actually means in ordinary everyday practical terms. First of all, I mentioned that we live in uncertain times. People’s thoughts on uncertainty and its flipside, security, seem to have altered over the last few years – whereas, once upon a time, it was acceptable to think of security in terms of a “steady, pensionable job”, money or financial freedom now seem to be a foundation for security. In terms of state of mind, you need to realize that there is no such thing as security – a job won’t provide it, money won’t provide it – everything can be taken from you in the twinkling of an eye. In fact, the only thing you’re certain of in your whole life is now. You’d better start living now.

Secondly, people like to feel in control of their life or feel exposed and frustrated when they don’t feel that they are in control. You better get used to the idea that you cannot control what’s going on in your life. You cannot control if or when your employer might decide that enough is enough and that’s the end of you. You cannot control the world economy, the weather, air travel, traffic chaos. The only thing that you can 100% control in your life is your own state of mind and, until you do, you won’t even be able to influence what’s going on in your life. Your state of mind shouldn’t be changeable depending on the circumstances in which you find yourself – if it is, you’re no more than a mindless puppet. You need to grasp a hold of your state of mind because your state of mind is not only capable of making today a better day, it is the conduit through which you can, quite literally, create your own abundance.

If that is the case, you need to be clear what abundance means for you personally. You need to ensure that you’re not swayed by the normal definitions – because they revolve around money, material things and how what you have compares to others. Abundance is about living life to the full in the here and now, free from all those worries, doubts, fears and anxieties. Abundance is, certainly as well, about having enough of the necessities that are required for you to have it all – but you need to stop putting money first and start putting you and your state of mind before all else.

This is done by clearing your mind, by stopping it in its well-worn tracks of focussing on the normal and mundane. It is done be learning how to be fully present, involved and engrossed in the only time and place that you can be certain of – the here and now. Abundance is about paying attention to the wonder of being alive in this moment. It is about fully paying attention not to what normal people think is going on but what is actually happening now. Now is full of opportunity, full of possibilities – if only you would learn how to pay attention.

We pay attention by coming to our senses. I mean this in its literal sense – you have five senses you need to relearn what it’s like just to experience them. Not to add to them, not to subtract from them, not to overlay your own learned perspective on the world. If psychology teaches us anything it is that we see everything through a perspective warped by the things we learned during our formative years that are so long gone that they have no place in the here and now. Abundance comes from seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling and tasting now – because, in doing so, we rise beyond the norm that psychology tells us can only perceive what we expect. We need to have no expectations, no hang-ups, no preconceived notions. Then we can experience where the wonderful responsive universe will take us. And that is where you will find abundance.

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Author: Willie Horton
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