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I recently went to a digital marketing conference, where I listened to some industry ‘experts’ talk about Facebook marketing.  I agreed with most of the things I heard– or at the very least I didn’t disagree with most things– but there was one ‘tip’ that made my head spin.


The speakers and panelists recommended pages to post just 1 time per day.  Even worse, some suggested posting at the same exact time every day.

I was absolutely stunned.  Let me make this loud and clear– these ‘experts’ are terribly wrong.

And here are 4 big reasons why:

1. Your Fans Aren’t Coming Back to Your Page

Most Page owners refuse to acknowledge this fact– but it is just that– a fact.  Various studies confirm that 95-99%+ of your fan’s never return to your page– that is, if they ever got there in the first place (some like your page via your website or a story on their Newsfeed).  One study from AllFacebook.com [linked above and pictured below], shows the ugly reality for Facebook marketers.  As a result of this, your reach is primarily dependent on your posts and the stories created by fans interacting with your posts.

Fan Breakdown - from AllFacebook.com

Fan Breakdown – from AllFacebook.com


2. Page Post Lifetime is ~3 Hours 

If the average post lifetime is about 3 hours [and no one goes back to your page], posting only once a day means that your page is basically invisible the other 21 hours of the day.  This doesn’t mean that you need to religiously post every 3 hours, but you should certainly find 2 or 3 three-hour windows that are most important to you– or really best for your audience– and post daily during those times.  Also– a cool, free tool to see your specific page’s post lifetime and more is EdgeKick, which is pictured below.

EdgeKick Example - Recent Amazon Post

EdgeKick Example – Recent Amazon Post

3. Facebook EdgeRank 

Facebook’s filtering algorithm should be pretty familiar to you by this point.  Due to EdgeRank, your posts will only reach 16% of your fans on average– although some studies say that number is really only 3-7.5%.  So fear not, posting more than 1x per day won’t upset your fans– because a vast majority of them will never see any of your posts.  The ones who do see one (or more than one) post from you per day are probably happy to, as they only see these posts because they have displayed a high affinity to your page by liking/commenting/sharing.

Facebook EdgeRank

Facebook EdgeRank Formula

4. Your Fans Are Different

They’re not the same age.  They don’t live in the same city.  They probably don’t even live in the same time zone.  They don’t have the same schedule.  If you don’t believe me, check your Insights.  But why does this matter to you?

Well, it matters because they’re not all online at the same time.  As a result, posting once a day will eliminate your ability to reach many fans, just for the mere fact that they’re not online.  If you post 2-3 times per day, you can optimize a post for the 2-3 main segments of your fan base– increasing your overall reach potential significantly.  For example, you may post at 8am for 35-44 year-old females, 12pm for your international audience, and 6pm for 25-34 year-old males.

**Disclaimer – Don’t take this the wrong way and post more than 1x per day if you can’t provide valuable content in each of your posts.  Less quantity with higher quality is much better than high quantity with lower quality.

Do you have any other reasons why pages should post multiple times per day?  Or do you disagree?  Let me know in the comments!  And don’t forget to tweet/like/share/buffer/etc!

[UPDATE 8/16/12] New post: Do Sweepstakes Actually Help (or Hurt) Your Facebook Page?


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